I recently picked up one of these mini routers to play with for my various IoT projects:


GL-AR150 smart router, 150Mbps OpenWrt Pre-installed

The AR150 uses an AR9331 SoC, the same processor found in the WiFi Pineapple.


Without too much effort, you can install the WiFi Pineapple firmware on an AR150. The procedure goes like this:

Or download the prebuilt bin from here:

edit: removed download as per request from the WiFi Pineapple devs

To flash/upgrade your AR150, follow the uboot flashing instructions at http://www.gl-inet.com/uboot-flashing/

Then, follow the instructions at https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/37196-wifi-pineapple-primer/ to get up and running.

For the (optional) 2nd wireless adapter, I successfully used an ALFA AWUS036NHA, which contains the same AR9271 chipset as the Pineapple.


Updated June 7 2016:

Fixed the build instructions;

Added rtl8187 drivers for ALFA AWUS036H support (AWUS036NHA works without additional drivers)

Some people have had issues running firmware-mod-kit on their favorite distro, personally I have had no issues with Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon (64bit) from http://www.osboxes.org/linux-mint/

New build can be found on the github page.

Thanks to Nahuel Grisolia of cintainfinita.com for help with finding solutions to these issues!

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