I used a ~$20 Cheerson CX-10 to practice line-of-sight flying before I did anything too crazy with my ZMR250 quadcopter. The CX10 is tiny, robust, and safe to fly near people so I was able to fly it often and quickly got comfortable with flying in stabilized mode.

Since the skills I learned from flying the toy quad transferred so well to the bigger quad, I figured it would be a good idea to also use the micro quad platform to learn FPV and rate-mode flying.

To mount an FPV camera, I needed to use larger motors, and for rate-mode, I needed a flight controller that could be flashed with a rate-mode capable firmware, like Cleanflight.

Parts List:

Since I’m designing this quad as a learning platform, I wanted to try different motor-to-motor distances and propeller sizes, to see how these factors affect the handling and tuning of the quad.

To achieve this, I designed a 3D-printable parametric frame using OpenSCAD:

lulfro quad.scad - OpenSCAD 22052015 44031 PM

Using a parametric design allows me to swap out constants in the model like the dimensions of the flight controller, motors, or the motor-to-motor distance, and instantly generate a new model built using the new parameters.

Here’s how it looks printed and assembled:


You can download the model and source code at Thingiverse.

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