WiFi Pineapple firmware for GL.iNet GL-AR150

I recently picked up one of these mini routers to play with for my various IoT projects: GL-AR150 smart router, 150Mbps OpenWrt Pre-installed The AR150 uses an AR9331 SoC, the same processor found in the WiFi Pineapple. Without too much effort, you can install the WiFi Pineapple firmware on an AR150. The procedure goes like this: [...]

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Parametric Micro Quadcopter

I used a ~$20 Cheerson CX-10 to practice line-of-sight flying before I did anything too crazy with my ZMR250 quadcopter. The CX10 is tiny, robust, and safe to fly near people so I was able to fly it often and quickly got comfortable with flying in stabilized mode. Since the skills I learned from flying the [...]

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Litecoin BAMT

Litecoint BAMT is my fork of the Bitcoin mining distro BAMT, which I've been using to mine Litecoin and other cryptocurrency over the last few months. This distro is designed to be the easiest way to get up and running with your mining rigs, and features BAMT-PoolManager for remotely configuring your farm. Downloads & Instructions can be found [...]

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